2016 marks 100 years since Wacław Sierpiński described the plane fractal known as Sierpinski Carpet. The fractal is constructed from a square that is cut into 9 congruent subsquares, and the central subsquare is removed. The same procedure is then applied recursively to the remaining 8 subsquares, on and on, to infinity.

José Luis Rodríguez Blancas, professor of mathematics at Univeristy of Almeria and David Crespo Casteleiro, highschool math teacher, decided to celebrate this occasion by initiating the "Sierpinski Carpet Project". The goal of the project was to create the largest Sierpinski carpet in the world. Many research and education centers from around the world were involved in the project. The pieces of the fractal were created in schools and universities - from green and purple 1cm square stickers. In Gdansk University of Technology 512 students from all faculties were involved in creating the 5th iteration of the carpet (square with 5m side length, made from 32768 stickers). All the work took place in the buliding of the Mathematics Teaching and Distance Learning Centre, which cooridnated our part the project.

The final assembly of the carpet, pieces of which were sent from all over the world, took place on May 13 2016, in Almeria, Spain, in Palacio Municipal de los Juego Mediterraneos. The final carpet had the side length of 43.74 meters and consisted of over two million little squares !

How GUT students created the 5th iteration - photo gallery